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WCBA 2016 in Review

2016 in Review...     This year we tested interest with informal outreach, meeting one-on-one with successful women to introduce them to Angel investing.   Within 3 months we grew to almost 20 members, and we continue to look for opportunities to reach more women who are in a position to benefit financially from Angel investing now or within the next few years.

We launched Women & Wealth, our online, curated magazine dedicated to helping women create and execute successful financial plans.  You can view and contribute to this magazine for free through Flipboard.

2017 Preview...  As our membership grows, we will offer more options to learn about and participate in Angel investing. To start we have created a Facebook group for announcements, recommended reading and member interaction.  We're also looking into scheduling a few events in 2017 where experienced women Angels can share their perspective and advice.

2017 looks to be a promising year for investors and our Angel education group! 

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